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6.6kg Locker Size Foldable Bicycle 

6.6kg Locker Size Foldable Bicycle 

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6.6kg Locker Size Foldable Bicycle 

Experience the ultimate convenience and portability with our Folding Bike, the perfect fitness companion for your daily commute or exercise routine. With its innovative double-sided folding pedal design, this bike is incredibly easy to store and transport, making it the ideal choice for busy professionals and fitness enthusiasts on the go.  

Crafted from high-quality aluminium, the Folding Bike is durable and lightweight, supporting riders up to 80kg. This makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of riders, including both men and women. With multiple color options available, you can choose the perfect bike to match your personal style.  

Designed to accommodate riders with a height range of 158cm-182cm, the Folding Bike is perfect for riders of all sizes. Its compact size and easy-to-store design make it the perfect mini bike for those who want to stay fit and healthy without sacrificing space or convenience.  

Whether you're commuting to work, taking a leisurely ride around your neighborhood, or getting in a quick cardio workout at home, the Folding Bike is the perfect choice. With its versatile and durable design, you'll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride every time. So why wait? Order your Folding Bike today and start enjoying the ultimate in convenience and portability!


1.Innovative Double-Sided Folding Pedal Design for Easy Storage and Transportation.

2.Durable Aluminium Frame that Supports up to 80kg, Perfect for Daily Commutes and Exercise Routines.

3.Multiple Color Options Available to Suit Your Personal Style.

4.Ideal for Riders with a Height Range of 158cm-182cm, Suitable for Both Men and Women.

5.Compact and Easy-to-Store Mini Bike that Offers a Great Cardio Workout Anytime, Anywhere.


Foldable: Yes

8-inch aluminum alloy folding bicycle, adult ultra-light tyre, office staff
Model: 8 inches
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Net weight: 6.6 kg
Fold size (cm): 70 * 42 * 20
Expansion dimension (cm): 95 * 95 * 47
Package weight: 7.9 kg
Hair clip: aluminum manual control hair clip
Pedal: non-slip aluminum alloy

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