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Smart AR Glasses 130 Inch Giant Screen 1080p 3D HD Private Cinema

Smart AR Glasses 130 Inch Giant Screen 1080p 3D HD Private Cinema

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Item description
AR Smart Glasses Foldable Replacement Lens HD 201inch Large Screen 1080P Football Micro OLED New Product
Note: Nreal brand name will be changed to Xreal


1. 4K Portable HD private giant screen, portable high-definition private giant screen, the ultimate private theater, allows you to enjoy the screen anytime, anywhere to watch football games, play games, watch movies, and enjoy your time!

2. Three-degree AR panoramic space, 130-inch projection screen, high-definition full-color display, your portable mobile theater

3. Lightweight design, easy to carry in your pocket at any time, according to your phone, Apple users can choose the Apple adapter

4. 60HZ refresh rate, suitable for screen projection of popular console games, experience it in person, and show off your skills

5. Office screen projection. Portable expansion of large screens, opening of multiple work modes, thinking out of the way, and helping office work

What's in the box?

1. AR smart glasses x1

2.1.2m cable x1

3. Hood x1

4. Nose pads x3

5. Cleaning cloth x1


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