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Smoke Watch Magic Tricks Flash Arm Control Smoke Device Magic Props Mentalism Close Up Street Magician Illusion Gimmick

Smoke Watch Magic Tricks Flash Arm Control Smoke Device Magic Props Mentalism Close Up Street Magician Illusion Gimmick

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The smoking watch, this should be the final version of the evolution of the smoke dispenser, and it has reached a level of near perfection.

Magic effect: The magician is wearing short sleeves and has no hands, so he can indeed produce smoke with no hands.

Product introduction: The smoke dispenser is a good companion for magicians to create magic effects. It can be used in various magic processes. When you change or disappear or change things, it is accompanied by mysterious smoke. Is it cool to think about it?

Prop features: large smoke volume, silent, small size, remote control (can be worn with short sleeves), large-capacity lithium battery (measured to smoke 60 times, 10 seconds each time, 10 minutes in total).

Props include: smoking watch, remote control, charger, e-liquid, carrying case, outer box.

Product specifications: about dial 42*36*11mm, meter width 22mm, host 22*17*6.5mm, remote control 45*45*19mm, individual watch weight 31g, total weight 150g, carrying case 10*10*5cm outer box 10*10*5cm

Quiet design: Imported precision fan is selected, and the smoke is silent.

Switching power: After turning on the switch on the watch, the host is in the state of receiving instructions. At this time, press the remote control button to emit smoke, and release the remote control button to stop smoking.

Smoke quantity description: In the case of e-liquid, the hotter the heating element, the larger the smoke quantity. After pressing the switch, the heating element will become hotter and hotter, and the smoke quantity will become larger and larger. .

Battery charging: The charging time is about 70 minutes. Use the attached smart charging cable, plug the round head into the prop, and plug the USB head into the mobile phone charger/computer USB/power bank. Both the charger and the lithium battery have protection chips. After being fully charged, it will change from normal charging to micro-current charging to protect the battery, but long-term micro-current charging is not conducive to battery life, so unplug the power in time after full charge. There is a USB power indicator on the charging line, and the red light is During charging, the green light means it is fully charged.

Smoke time: In theory, smoke can be smoked without drying (the heating element is moist), but if the smoke continues for too long, it will cause the machine to overheat, so we recommend that the smoke exit time is within 10 seconds. It is a large-volume smoke dispenser, the smoke produced within 10 seconds can already satisfy 99% of the magic effect. If there is a special magic effect that requires more smoke, you can emit 10 seconds, stop for 2 seconds, emit 10 seconds, and stop for 2 seconds. Repeatedly, you can emit smoke for a long time while keeping the props in good condition. The important thing is to [keep the heating element moist] and remember to dry it.

E-liquid introduction: E-liquid (not included) is ordinary e-liquid, you can buy it locally. It is recommended to have 1 drop each time, and each drop will emit smoke for about 40 seconds.

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